About Us

CH (MAJ) Ken Lewis

Handfuls of big ducks on a challenging day...this is what we like to show our people.

Serving his country and guiding the best customers in the business is what Wild Wings hunting and fishing is all about.  Once an Infantry Sergeant, Ken direct commissioned back in to the Army in 2005 as a Battalion Chaplain.  Since then Ken has been tasked with numerous assignments including 8 years with United States Army Special Operations Command/ Special Forces Command, Fort Bragg, NC. Multiple other Operational and Staff assignments have included multiple combat tours, Airborne assignments and Command and General Staff College. Ken continues to pursue waterfowl adventures as the Army allows.  Looking forward to retirement, Ken will then focus his efforts more on his legacy clientele.  

Bring on the weather

The fiercest elements challenge us to keep hunting, and we do.  No days off day after day.

Some of the most productive days are when the weather throws it's worst at us.....we pursue waterfowl, and doesn't believe in the word "can't"

Putting it all together

We target what is in the area and what we have the best odds at shooting, big ducks and divers.

Master Coast Guard licensed Vessel operators, Ohio licensed guides, insured, prepared for any medical or other emergency situation with top notch gear and knowledge....join us....